Week 6 begins 

Well today is the first day of my 6th week of exercising 5 days a week with my boxing class and swimming after. I have also started on carb cycling and I made it through the first day yesterday with relatively little discomfort except for a horrible headache. I’m really hoping the carb cycling really kick-starts my actual fat loss because I’m feeling pretty good with doing just the exercise but I would like to see my results move even faster. I’m trying to keep in mind that it takes at least 8 weeks for Visible results to keep happening, but I’m not a patient girl. I mean who is? Today also marks the first day that I’m bringing Christina with me to class so she can experience just how horrific my boxing class is. Somehow I think it’ll be fun but she’ll also probably want to punch me for real later in the day when she’s really sore.

I woke up a couple days ago the sore throat but I’m not letting getting sick stop me from working out. I’m trying to cling to my routine and I find that the actual hardest days that I have are my Saturdays and Sundays because they are the days that I don’t go and workout. Is this what a habit feels like?

I’m also getting a treat today to reward myself for completing 16 workouts. So I’m taking myself to the spa and getting a facial. I’m ridiculously excited about this and I went ahead and counted out more workouts on to my calendar and scheduled more treats. Yeah yeah, I know I’m basically a Pavlovian dog but I don’t care. 

Also I caught a glimpse of myself yesterday in the mirror and for the first time in a long time I felt I looked smaller, so I weighed myself again and once more the scale has not moved not a single pound. I hate that thing.


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