Its moving!

Omg… so for the FIRST time in almost two years,  the scale is moving down!! I don’t care if its water weight or fake weight or Shake Weight, it is moving down! I am halfway through the first week of carb cycling and through the end of week 6 of boxing and finally my weight on the scale is starting to change. Keep in mind that it is small, around 3 pounds but I don’t care and it could just be a variation in the scale but once again I don’t care it is moving down. For me this is a victory! So I’m keeping up with it yesterday was very hard because I had a chest cold and I still have it but I’m still doing my workouts. I just can’t believe that something is actually happening scale wise. 
I’m feeling smaller even though my clothes aren’t looser I do feel like they are fitting better. Maybe my body is finally starting to work with me instead of against me. Who knows? But I am going into that boxing club yet again and will continue to do so and continue to make sure my body knows that I’m the one in charge. I was grocery shopping the other day and literally told myself that I am the one who’s in control of what goes into my cart and what goes into my mouth and I just have to keep remembering that. Thank you to anyone who’s actually read this complaining little blog. Just knowing you’re out there makes things even better.


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